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Clear Creek Field Stone Panel

Clear Creek Field Stone Panel

Spec Sheet PDF Spec Sheet

The over all dimension of the panel is 47" wide x 24" high for a total of 7.83 square feet per panel.  The actual coverage per panel is 7.27 square feet for a total coverage square feet per box of 29.07.  There are 4 panels per box - each with a different rock arrangement to minimize a repeating pattern.  The thickness of the panel can vary between 7/8" to approximately 1-3/4".  The rocks are very realistic and even fool skilled masons! 


Product Specifications




Overall Width


1194 mm

Overall Height


610 mm


1  3/4"

44 mm

Coverage Square Area per Panel

7.27 Ft2

0.68 M2

Units per Carton



Weight per Unit

6 #

2.72 Kg

Weight per Coverage Square Area

0.83 #/Ft2

4.03 Kg/M2

Coverage Square Area per Carton

29.07 Ft2

2.70 M2

Carton Length

48  3/8"

1,203 mm

Carton Width

7 3/4"

197 mm

Carton Height

24 1/2"

622 mm

Carton Weight

31.5 #

11.57 Kg


Sample Policy: We limit samples to 1 per each product line we carry. The initial sample is a cost of $14.50 per sample, and subsequent samples are at a cost of $7.50 per sample. You may order ONE sample of this panel via the pull-down below.  Samples are approximately 8" x 8". Save your sample order number to be used for credit when you make your final order.

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Price List:           FREE SHIPPING
$15.00: Sample (1)
$346.98: Box of 4
Please select: 4 or Sample:

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