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Pueblo Cut Stone Panel

Pueblo Cut Stone Panel

Spec Sheet PDF Spec Sheet

Cut Sandstone panels come in four distinct rock arrangements. Each rock is unique and is never duplicated throughout the product line. Our rock panels feature an overlapping ship-lap edge and are formed into a “Z” shape to eliminate the otherwise very visible transition line between adjoining panels. The unique combination of these features creates a natural and seamless look.

The overall dimension of the panel is 46-3/4” wide x 23-1/2” high. Four panels fit into one box – one each of the different rock arrangements. Each panel has an overall square footage of 7.63, but due to the ship-lap edge the actual coverage area is 6.23 square feet. Each box covers 24.94 square feet.


Product Specifications




Overall Width

46 3/4"

1187 mm

Overall Height

23 1/2"

597 mm


1 1/2"

38 mm

Coverage Square Area per Panel

6.23 Ft2

0.58 M2

Units per Carton



Weight per Unit

5 #

2.27 Kg

Weight per Coverage Square Area

0.80 #/Ft2

3.92 Kg/M2

Coverage Square Area per Carton

24.94 Ft2

2.32 M2

Carton Length

47 1/4"

1,200 mm

Carton Width

6 1/2"

165 mm

Carton Height

23 3/4"

603 mm

Carton Weight

20.5 #

9.3 Kg


Sample Policy: We limit samples to 1 per each product line we carry. The initial sample is a cost of $15.00 per sample, and subsequent samples are at a cost of $6.00 per sample. You may order ONE sample of this panel via the pull-down below.  Samples are approximately 8" x 8". Save your sample order number to be used for credit when you make your final order.

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Price List:           FREE SHIPPING
$15.00: Sample (1)
$294.95: Box of 4
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