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Why Advanced Rock?


Advanced Rock panels weigh less than one pound per square foot! Our panels are made out of an extremely durable polyurethane, yet lightweight.

Easy Installation

Save thousands of dollars and countless hours on installation with our super easy process. All of our panels install simply with basic carpentry tools.

Insulation Value

High-desnity polyurethane has a naturally high "R" value. Advanced rock panels add extra insulation which means even more savings!

Not just a pretty surface.

Advanced Rock panels use state-of-the-art polyurethane chemistry. We combine UV stabilizers, scratch resistant agents and additives to enhance the texture and feel of the surface.

Class "A"

Fire Rated

Advanced Rock panels carry a first class fire rating. Not only does this give you additional fire protection, it gives you more uses and applications.

UV Resistant


For interior on exterior use, advanced rock panels have a UV Coating that will protect from sun damage and fading. 

Our panels are built to last.  

Wind Tested to

153 mph

We put our product to the test, a 153 mph wind test to be exact. That is equivalent to the wind forces of a category 4 hurricane!

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